Another Review by Mr A1

Time and opportunity never avails me enough to see TS Mistress Joan as often as I would like, for this beautiful Asian transsexual dominatrix is one of those exceptional providers that turn your fantasies into reality and respectfully expands your comfort zone, amongst other things : )

Walking down the corridor I wonder what my 5th visit to Mistress will have instore, its always that mix of anticipation and anxiety that fires up the nervous system as you never know what she has planned or what will transpire as she weaves her charms and her will upon you.

The door opens and there is Mistress, wearing her highest heeled boots, stockings, garter belt and Honey Bidet lingerie, she looks upon me with a wicked smile and it obvious she has a treat planned. Mistress Joan is a tall lithe sexy preop TS Dom who oozes confidence, intelligence, sexuality and that degree of wickedness that makes every session special.

I clumsily hand over my tribute, it falls to the floor, Mistress say “what are you waiting for, pick it up bitch boy” as I do so she says “while your down there kiss Mistresses shoes”, I dutifully oblige.
Raised up by my now attached slave collar I’m told to walk like a dog to the bedroom, she laughs wickedly and informs me “that’s not the only doggy I’ll be doing today”.

I’m released from the collar and sent to the shower, I return to the bedside where Mistress awaits me propped up on pillows with only her boots removed, she points to her feet and tells me to worship them carefully, kissing, licking and taking her feet in my mouth as if blowing them.

Feet satiated, Mistress reveals some pegs, she firmly squeezes my sensitive nipples, twists them and attaches the pegs, smiling wickedly as I visually express discomfort. She removes her bra top revealing her chest and says “make your Mistress Happy slave” I immediately lovingly attend to her small pink beautiful nipples as I feel her twist the pegs that hold my nipples captive.

“Look what you’ve done” Mistress abruptly says as she points to the huge bulge in her panties, she pushes me onto my back, twists the pegs and yanks them off I squeal as the blood rushes back, whilst she removes her panties to reveal her growing tool, “open wide bitch” Mistress commands as she inserts her cock down my throat, initially shallowly then deep and firm thrusts ensue as she periodically holds it all the way in so my lips meet her pelvis, my nose is blocked and I struggle to inhale as the saliva wells in my mouth and down my chin. Face fucking is a passion of hers and she demands I caress her balls with my tongue as she holds my head firmly onto her cock.

After a good 10 minutes of FF and DT she withdraws, pushes my head firmly down onto the pillow, turns around and parting her perfectly shaped peach of an ass sits on my face. I hesitate as I’ve never rimmed before, “Don’t make we wait, use that tongue like your eating pussy NOW”” mistress demands, hesitantly I start and soon Mistresses obvious pleasure encourages me and soon find myself applying my tongue diligently and deeply to please her, Mistress periodically raises herself and tells me to say how much I love her tasty ass.

Her ass satiated Mistress abruptly gets up, tells me to roll over, removing the vibrating butt plug she had earlier inserted in my tight mangina, Mistress suits up her dick, firmly spreads my legs and takes my ass, first gently so I can accept her thick head and then slowly builds up her depth and speed of thrust until I feel her balls slapping my buttocks and hear her joy as she pounds me with determination.

Forcibly lifted up by my hips whilst her cock is still firmly up my ass, “I told you be my doggy again, your becoming a good little slut” Mistress whispers into my ears, then tells me to repeatedly verbalize how much I love her big thick cock in my mangina as she pounds me relentlessly .

Contentedly Mistress withdraws her cock, stating that she has pleasured her slave enough, she reaches into a bed side box and withdraws an ever increasingly sized assortment of 10 dildos, she see the growing fear on my face, laughs wickedly and says “you could only take the smallest one, for now, but we will change that with time and more sessions”. Mistress places a condom over a long and thankfully skinny vibrating pink dildo, she raises my legs and plants it up my ass, “size 1, take it like a man” she laughs as Mistress again sits on my face, demanding the attentions of my tongue as she lubes up my cock and offers it release. The combination of Mistresses beautiful ass, the vibrating dildo and her verbal demand that I show her my load has me shoot a massive stream of cum all over my chest. Exhausted I relax and my mistress looks down upon me impressed with her possessions load.

“You deserve some reward” mistress says wickedly and she slides her fingers up through my cum and makes me lick her fingers clean, “with every good meal there should be drinks” mistress informs me and tells me to go take a shower, as I enter the shower mistress tells me to turn and drop to my knees, she stands before me and gives me my first golden shower, I’m reluctant to open my mouth as she sprays my face and torso with her nectar.

As I’m shown to the door and Mistress Joan tells me she knows I will be back soon, reminding me, ”there are at least 9 more dildos to fit in your ass bitch and you better drink my champagne next time”, the door closes and I return to reality a little more experienced and endeared to my Mistress.


An Interview with Me – 22 Questions for Sydney’s Top TS Mistress

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
I’m a very experienced dominatrix who loves sex with sub guys of all types. Whether gentle and mild, or vicious and wild, as long as I’m on top, we’ll definitely have an amazing time. My appetite for sex is insatiable, and I’m always ready for action!

What do you like to do in your free time?
I exercise to keep myself trim and fit, and to maintain a healthy level of stamina for long sessions of play.

What’s your dream in life?
I’m living the dream! Happy with life in Sydney and grateful for everything I have.

What are your greatest professional strengths?
I have very strong intuitions and can read my clients well. This allows me to provide the best quality of service as I will always know what you need. I also know everything that turns on a man, and will use every trick in the book to ensure a fantastic time is had by you and I.

What have you learned from your mistakes in life?
That it’s important to be level-headed, and wait for difficult moments to pass. There is always light at the end of the tunnel, so there is no need for too much worry.

What do you consider to be your weaknesses?
I like sex too much.

What is your greatest professional achievement?
That I have shown many men, the best time of their lives.

Tell us about a challenge in life?
The death of loved ones, is particularly hard, but like everything else, time will heal the pain.

Where do you see yourself in a few years?
I don’t wish for much to change, life is good!

What are you looking for, in a new client?
I think sexual chemistry is above all, the most important. What you look like, your age, your occupation, etc. means nothing to me. Good sex is the only thing that counts between you and I.

How long you have been working, this job?
I’ve been a professional dominatrix for 7 years part-time, and 3 years full-time.

How do you deal with pressure or stressful situations?
Evaluate the situation, determine the solutions and get to work. No time for drama.

Have you ever ‘fallen in love’ with a client?
Yes, I’m in love with several of my most regular long-term clients. Feelings will develop when you share intimacies with the same person on a regular basis, it’s entirely normal… but I am never looking for a relationship outside of the professional arrangement.

How much time do you spend maintaining the “ideal” body for you in your job?
I work on my body everyday to make sure everything looks and feels in tip top shape!

If you get to choose again, would you still choose this job?
I wish I had chosen this job earlier! Nobody told me it is so rewarding and enjoyable… but it probably works best for mature women. If I had started younger, I wouldn’t have been very good.

Have you ever had difficulty getting others to accept your vision?
Yes, but difference of opinion is normal, and healthy.

What do you consider your most significant strength in life?

What motivates you to do your best in your job?
Customer loyalty. And money of course.

What is the most difficult situation you have faced,with a client?
I had a client who wanted to dominate me. I showed him the door.

What are your goals?
To offer the best sexual experience to every man who walks through my door, and make them come back for more.

What sign are you?
Ask me in private.

How would you rate your key competencies for this job?
All the skills that come from experience and diligence. I am proud that my abilities as a dominatrix sex worker, just keep improving, and the smiles on my clients’ faces just keep getting bigger.


A First Visit Review by Mr A1

Sometimes after you’ve ticked off most the boxes on your sex experience bucket list you come upon an advert and think, I haven’t tried that! hence I note Mistress’ advert on Backpage.

Email was the first contact means, I think it must be a vetting mechanism, however a few pleasant and informative emails with an obviously intelligent individual take place, a time secured and a phone numbers exchanged.

The time arises and a short trip by car or train to her Inner west abode takes place, easy non metered parking found and the intercom buzzed. Prompt response and I’m in, navigating the elevator and the endless hallways achieved and I knock, hesitantly, on the door. The click of heels on a hard floor echos under the door just prior to it opening, the all to familiar ( and unnerving ) hide behind the door until it’s closing transpires, and there stands Mistress. She is a rather attractive, tall and well toned asian transexual who in her heels has an intimidating height advantage on me, she greets me with a smile, a light kiss and some settling conversation before she quietly asks for her fee, no probs as it’s her business after all.

I’m lead to her room, past a sea of clothing (I think she has a clothing fetish lol), she lays on the bed and beckons me to join her, she takes the initial light kiss a bit further and then proceeds to have a chat!!! Mistress is trying to settle my nerves, create a connection and get a feeling for what I’m looking for, too that I just tell her to be the dom and take the booking where she wanted to go.
A smile comes over her face and to the shower I’m sent. I return to find her in sexy lingerie and a big smile, she draws me to her and commences a long and passionate DFK session which definitely fires me up. Just as I’m enjoying this she pushes my head down to give her natural nipples some attention, she talks dirty to me as I make her moan and she relates what she going to do with me. Nipples satiated she thrusts me south and forces her now erect cock into my mouth, expecting a gag attack she is pleasantly surprised to find I don’t have a gag reflex, so you can imagine she takes advantage of this skill big time, preceding to give me a thorough face fucking.

Content with her customer to date she withdraws, suits herself up with a new condom, positions me face down and proceeds to gently fuck me, she complains I’m like a virgin and that I need to come more often to resolve this, her tempo quickens and she verbally heightens the experience, (she is over 6 inches and fairly thick). She pulls out, removed the condom, roles me over and jacks off onto my chest. Satisfied she collapses next to me, whilst she recovers, she then instructs me to pull myself off while she watches and continues to DFK me, I explode and she seems content,
A little chat and off to the shower I went.

Another box ticked in the journey of sex, I was expecting a more classical Mistress experience, but she is more of a TS who only tops experience. That said she was a fun lady with a cheeky sense of humor and I had no regrets, she was more genuine then many of the WLs out there and I’ll be back to explore more of her talents.


Sissy Gets Shafted

The cab ride felt a little bumpier than normal. I’m not sure if that was because of the road work, the cab’s suspension the fact that I had a butt plug firmly inserted in my ass or a combination of all three.

Either way I didn’t want to disappoint Mistress so the plug was snuggly in place ensuring I felt every bump on the journey to her place.

The ride up in the lift and the walk down the corridor to her door always fills me with excitement. I know what to expect but she always has a way of surprising me.

I knocked, the door opened and I entered her world of erotic domination and pleasure. The door closed and there she stood in suspenders stockings, heels and bra. A collar and chain in her hand.

“Get undressed bitch, get on your knees bend over”.

I quickly undressed carefully folding my clothes and putting them in a pile. I knelt as instructed and bent over waiting for her next command.

Her hands slid over my ass tugging on the plug, which was by now firmly in place, slowly easing it out of my rectum and then pushing it back.

“Good boy” she purred and patted my ass in approval.

I felt the collar go around my neck and the tug of the chain to follow her. She led me on all fours into the bathroom and made me kneel in the shower.

“Suck it slut”, she commanded as she thrust her cock in my face. I opened my mouth and went to work on her wonderful cock and took as much as I could before I started to gag.


She pulled back a little and then pushed her sweet musky thick cock back into my mouth and slowly started face fucking me forcing her cock further into my mouth and down my throat with each thrust.

I gagged a little but soon I was taking the whole thing and had saliva running out of mouth and dribbling down my chin. She pulled out and made sure my mouth was wide open and then spat all over my face and into my mouth.

“Swallow it cunt” I eagerly swallowed her spit opened my mouth looked up and hoped for more. I wasn’t disappointed.

“I think we should celebrate with some champagne, don’t you”.

“Yes Mistress”, I responded.

“Open wide then you little bitch because I have some home made vintage that you’ll love”.
I knelt open mouthed, naked, in her shower with a collar around my neck waiting for her to piss all over me.

Mistress smiled with a semi erect cock in hand and started a steady stream of piss straight into my mouth.

“Swallow it bitch, or you want get any more”.

I swallowed what I could. Mistress would fill my mouth, I would gulp down what I could and then for her pleasure she would spray a steady stream of her golden nectar over my face.

She then produced a champagne flute and filled it with her natural vintage, handed it to me and told me to drink it all.

I took it and slowly drank down her warm salty piss while she emptied the remainder of her bladder over my face.

“Shower yourself and then meet me in the bedroom you worthless little sissy”.

“Yes Mistress”.


I quickly followed orders and crawled into the bedroom ready for the main event. She walked over told me to kneel turned and lifted a leg onto the bed pulling her cheeks apart.

“Stick your tounge in my ass you piece of shit and tounge fuck me till I tell you to stop”.

I took both hands spread her cheeks a little wider and stuck my tounge as far into her sweet ass hole as I could. The musty sweet smell was divine and Mistress moaned in delight as I my tounge darted in and out of her sweet hole.

Her cock was soon hard and erect and her balls swung like succulent plums full of her sweet cream.

“On your back bitch on the bed bitch”, she commanded.

I scrambled on the bed lay down and pulled my legs up ready for her hard cock. She slipped on a condom, started stroking her cock and slowly but firmly pulled the plug from my ass.

I groaned as it popped out. She lubed up my asshole and gently started finger fucking me with one then two fingers making sure I was ready for the main event.

“Pull your knees back further sissy”.

I did as commanded exposing myself even more and she shuffled forward slowly inserting the tip of her hard cock into my hole. The head slowly popped in and I gasped, she waited until I was ready and then slowly pushed the remainder of her rod into my rectum.
It felt unbelievable. A heady mix of pain and pleasure.

Mistress then started slowly thrusting her hips in and out her cock sliding in my ass, I groaned in delight.

Before long I was being fucked without mercy, Mistress grabbed my ankles forcing my legs back further and thrusting hard so her balls slapped hard against my ass.

“You’re a worthless little cunt aren’t you”.

“Yes Mistress”, I said breathlessly.


“Roll over, time to do you doggy bitch”.

I obeyed and positioned myself on all fours, arse high in the air, face down in the pillow and my wrists beside my ankles.

She quickly bound each wrist to an ankle, spread my ass cheeks spat in my hole and started fingering me again. Satisfied I was lubed and unable to move she mounted me from behind and started slowly fucking me like the worthless slut I was.

I lose track of time when I’m getting fucked like this, it is the most incredible feeling to be bound and held captive with a cock deep in your ass.

She suddenly stopped and said “lets see what you can take bitch”.

I couldn’t see but I knew what was in store. Mistress had an assortment of toys that she loved testing me with. I felt the tip of the eight inch dildo pushed up against my hole. I groaned a little as the head was slowly wiggled in.

She waited until I was ready and then pushed the length of it into my ass before she started fucking me with it. She loved pulling it out suddenly and exclaiming at how well my hole gaped before inserting it again.

For the next 30 minutes Mistress had her way with me. Either on back on my side or doggy. Regardless of the position I would have a cock real or plastic in my ass.

As her climax came closer she sat on my chest slowly stroking her cock, pre cum dribbling out, and told me to open wide.

Before long a stream of white hot sticky cum erupted from her cock in my mouth and all over face, I was in heaven.

She groaned in delight and I grabbed her cock and took it in my mouth to clean up the remainder of her cum. She shuddered a little but smiled as I sucked the remaining cream from her cock and balls.
“Your turn bitch, get your legs over you shoulders.”

I knew what to do, she wanted me to cum in my own mouth. I swung my legs over my shoulders and she slowly stroked my cock aiming the head at mu open mouth. It didn’t take long, I soon had a second load of cum, my own, all over face.

She laughed at the site of me, got of the bed and tugged the chain for me to follow her into the bathroom.

“In the shower and kneel again sissy, lets get you cleaned up”.

“Yes Mistress”, I responded.

I kneeled open mouthed as Mistress started spraying her golden pee over me washing the cum of my face. The taste of cum and piss in my mouth was exquisite.

She flicked the remaining pee over me as she would at a urinal and allowed me to take her cock in my mouth for a final taste.

I showered, cleaned myself up and started dressing ready to leave when Mistress pointed out that I had forgotten my plug.

“You leave as you arrive, you know the rules slut”.

She pulled my underpants down around my knees, bent me over and pushed the lubed plug back into my ass. I flinched a little but once in place the plug felt great.

She smacked my ass pulled up my underpants and let me finish getting dressed.

“Till next time my little sissy boy”, she said as I left knowing that next time would not be far away.


Mr C1 Gives Great Head

Mr C1 was half an hour late, which was obviously irritating. He’s not a very attractive man, but I look forward to his visits because he gives excellent head. I especially love the way he works his tongue around my balls. I’m getting hard just thinking about it.

For some reason, he was extra hungry last night, and I could sense how happy he was for me to pin his head down sideways on my pillow and have me fuck his mouth endlessly. It went for ages, and god it felt good, but I didn’t cum because he gets upset if I don’t fuck him before the session ends, so I made sure to hold back and flip him over to provide some satisfaction.

I like it when a guy moans and groans when getting nailed, and Mr C1 definitely made some noise for me, which got me really hard. We fucked in three positions, which was fun. Eventually, we laid down next to each other and wanked off until we produced two big loads. I love watching the reflection when there’s a guy with me, both with hard cocks in hand, getting ourselves to orgasm, so fucking hot.


Anal Pleasures For Mr C1

Mr C1 likes thinking of himself as my slave, but he certainly makes no qualms about telling me exactly what he wishes to experience. Being his Mistress, I always get the last say on whether I will fulfil his requests, but at his last visit, I made sure to give him more than his fill of what he wanted.

I greeted him at the door, in a sexy purple lace bodysuit with a big hole at the crotch for my hard cock and balls to hang out. There was no hiding the pleasure on his face, and he paid the usual compliments to express his appreciation. Standing on the bed, I told him to get naked. He said I looked powerful being high up. I summoned him over and told him to stick his tongue out. I pushed my balls onto it and told him to lick it good, which he must’ve enjoyed from the moans he made. It wasn’t long before I pulled away and asked him if he wanted to taste my cock, which of course he replied in the affirmative. I said open wide, and rammed myself in. I felt his whole mouth envelope all of my cock, loving the warm wetness around my hard and horny stiffness. Then I began to thrust. He started choking, and salivating all over, which I took to be a sign that he was enjoying himself. With the warm up done, I told him to get on the bed, facing down. That’s when he saw the ropes and leather cuffs I’d set up earlier.

Mr C1 asked to be tied up, so that’s what I organised for him. Securing him to my bed, laid flat with his ass completely vulnerable, I said “is this what you asked for?” He replied a nervous sounding “yes”. I pulled a bottle of lube and a new butt plug I found last week at a sex shop. He couldn’t see anything, but I made sure to let him here all the commotion that was happening, as I extracted the plug from its casing and pumped the lube out. I smoothed the wet toy on is crack and spread his cheeks. Slowly, I pushed the toy in. He gasped. I turned on the vibration, and he squealed. It’s one of my favourite things to do in bed; fucking guys with toys. I left the plug in him, moved up and turned his face to the side and said “open up, you need to get me hard for your hole.” He did ask to be fucked hard on the phone earlier, so I’m going to do my best.

I moved back down and pulled out the toy, and rubbed my hard cock on his lubed ass. I asked if he was ready and before he could answer, I fucked myself in. Deeper and deeper it went. His body convulsed in pleasure. I fucked him harder, deeper and faster. He encouraged me, getting more and more verbal, “fuck me Mistress, fuck me harder. I love you Mistree, I love your cock fucking me, fuck me hard please. Come inside me, Mistress, I want your cum inside me.” I refused. He had asked me on the phone earlier to cum on his face so that’s exactly what I was going to do. I pulled out, went back up to his face and stroked my purple throbbing dick. I reached climax, and told him that he’s getting what he asked for. I shot all my load on his face, his mouth wide open and his tongue hanging out to savour every last bit of tranny juice. It was a long orgasm, I’m lucky to be able to shoot a lot of cum, so my ecstasies go for a nice long time. I then stuck my cock into his mouth, took a handful of semen from his face, reached down and started stroking his dick. “Come with my cock in your mouth, come boy, cum”. And of course he did, and he made a lot of noise to demonstrate his pleasure, even with me plugged into his mouth to shut him up.


Two Orgasms And A Fuck For Mr N1

Mr N1 is one of my most reliable lovers. I don’t see him as much as I would like, but I always know that he will be back, whether in a couple of weeks, or a month later. He calls me Mistress, which pleases me, and he likes having his genitals restrained, which pleases me further. I once put four cockrings all over his cock and balls, and watched him turn purple. I don’t know why he likes it that way, but it does give me a sadistic rush.

Today, both of us had cockrings on. My cock looked more veiny than usual, and my balls were extra plump. Mr N1 decided to take one of them into his mouth and I started groaning. When he swallowed my cock, all I could think of was how much I love my job. I grabbed his head with both my hands and started thrusting. Sometimes hard and fast just feels better. He wrapped his legs around my right thigh, and I could feel his amazing uncut cock hard against me. It suddenly occured to me that we’d never 69’d before, so I moved my body sideways, pushed my cock back into his mouth, and took his into mine. He was thrilled. It wasn’t very long before he had to pull away to stop himself from cumming, but as he laid back, I could see that three big globs had leaked out.

To distract from the sensitivity of his cock, and for my own greedy libido, I ordered him to flip around as I grabbed a bottle of lube and a box of condoms, for the main event. Some holes are just made for fucking, and when I’m thrusting him doggy style, I’m convinced that Mr N1’s hole is designed for cocks. I was close to cumming from just fucking him from behind, but thought I’d like to see my slave shoot his load first. I got him on his back and started sucking him off, making sure that he wanked me as I worked on him. Before you knew it, several more streams of semen emerged, which gave me great satisfaction. I took hold of my own angry cock, and made him look at me work myself off to a frenzy. There’s something strangely sexy about having a guy watch me stroke my cock. I try not to analyse it too much, because sexual mysteries should sometimes be left alone. I went like a fountain, with thick jets of creamy cum shooting everywhere. I close my eyes and smile, relaxed and proud.


Mr C2’s Unusual Friendship

I’ve known Mr C2 for 11 years, but we had only met once by coincidence on the streets of Newtown. There have been many flirtations via the internet, but we never took things further. Until now. It is not uncommon that married couples have unsatisfactory sex lives. Many men come to me because of needs that cannot be satisfied at home. I remove the frustrations they experience, and send them back, happy and refreshed.

Mr C2 is very tall, very muscular and very hung. He’s also very sweet. We spent a lot of time kissing, and holding each other, reminding ourselves of the euphoria that comes with such simple pleasures. With two cocks in bed, however, it is never too long before our hands grab hold of each other’s hard ons and begin to stroke. I marvelled at the incredible size of his penis, which must be more than 9″ long, and before I could do more with it, he had crept down to take mine in his mouth. He pushed his head up and down my stiff stick, and then sprang back up to lick my nipples. His mouth travelled in a triangle of pleasure, moving from one nipple, to another, and then back to my cock. I could have just laid back and kept squirming in pleasure, but soon I pushed him over and took his monster into my mouth. He joked to say that my blowjob makes his effort look bad. I said nothing and kept sucking, and moved my fingers around his balls. I love a nice scrotum in my hands.

He asked to be fingered, which I rarely do, not because I dislike it, but because my long nails can be a bit of a hazard. Instead, I whipped out a small vibrator, lubed it, and gently stuck it into his ass. When I switched it on, he moaned with pleasure and surprise. He asked if I’d like to fuck him, and I said I’d love to. That got him very excited. He then asked me how I would do it, and I began to describe how I’d like to feel my cock ease into him, before fucking him deep and slow. That was enough to make him cum. And as is often the case, the sight of a man cumming gets me so hot and horny that I grabbed my own hard cock and stroked it so that I came along with him.

I wiped off all the messy jizz off of his torso and sat back to have a chat. It wasn’t very long before we started kissing again, and he told me that he wanted another orgasm, and all I had to do was to finger him and talk about fucking him again. I thought this was so fascinating. Propping myself back up on my knees, I carefully rubbed his anus with my fingers. He grabbed his gigantic cock and wanked, and I started talking dirty. When I got to the part of feeling the whole of my hard cock inside him, he shivered and shot a second load.

Mr C2 left a generous tip for me, and sent a text message saying that he feels like a pressure valve’s been opened. I’m not saying that his wife should thank me, but sometimes I do think that my work does help make the world a better place. In certain ways.


Simultaneous Orgasms With Mr K1

When a guy says he’s a sub, it could mean anything. Everyone seems to interpret these BDSM terms slightly differently, but ultimately what I rely on, is intuition and experience, to sense and to read each client’s needs, especially if they are not very good at articulating what it is that they wish to experience. Mr K1 is a sub in the classic sense. He’s mild mannered and gentle, and lets me take charge completely. Today was our second session, and after our surprisingly enjoyable first encounter a month ago, it was clear that he now trusts me and was happy to give himself over so that I would dictate every moment of our time together.

Mr K1 is approaching 50, but mine is the only cock he’s tasted. I suppose each person has their own sexual journey, but the way he devours my erection is quite a thing to behold. I enjoy sucking dick, but I doubt if I’d ever gone down on a guy for half an hour and still want more. I really did receive the blowjob of my life today, and it is proof that although practice might make perfect for some but for this client, I think it’s fair to say that he’s a natural born cocksucker. When my partner’s got his mouth full, I like providing sexy talk for encouragement, and the things I come up with can be quite funny. The highlight today was, “your Mistress loves fucking a straight man’s mouth”. It’s silly but we both got off on it, so I’ll pat myself on my back.

One of my favourite things is to have a guy lay next to me and work my nipple with his lips, toungue and teeth, while wanking my cock off. Except there’s not much else I can do to reciprocate except to play with his nipples, but not many men enjoy that very much. I was glad to discover that Mr K1 loves it, so I went to town, using my fingers to tickle, fondle, twist and pinch his very firm nips. I was surprised at how much he loved that, so I pushed him over and worked my mouth over his nipples, while grabbing his balls. He’s a fast cummer so I don’t stroke him too much. Things got feverish at that moment, and as I’m known to do on occasion, I moved up and kissed him full on the mouth. I think we were both surprised.

Eventually, Mr K1 got me to cum while he sucked my other nipple and jacked me off. He quickly wrapped his mouth and started to suck hard while moving his lips up and down my shaft. I have good orgasms, but what he did for me was quite exceptional. I told him to cum for me while I’m still shooting into his mouth, so he grabbed hold of his manhood and worked himself up, and shot hard, all over my sheets, which was a lot of fun at the time… but I need to go do some laundry now!