Anal Pleasures For Mr C1

Mr C1 likes thinking of himself as my slave, but he certainly makes no qualms about telling me exactly what he wishes to experience. Being his Mistress, I always get the last say on whether I will fulfil his requests, but at his last visit, I made sure to give him more than his fill of what he wanted.

I greeted him at the door, in a sexy purple lace bodysuit with a big hole at the crotch for my hard cock and balls to hang out. There was no hiding the pleasure on his face, and he paid the usual compliments to express his appreciation. Standing on the bed, I told him to get naked. He said I looked powerful being high up. I summoned him over and told him to stick his tongue out. I pushed my balls onto it and told him to lick it good, which he must’ve enjoyed from the moans he made. It wasn’t long before I pulled away and asked him if he wanted to taste my cock, which of course he replied in the affirmative. I said open wide, and rammed myself in. I felt his whole mouth envelope all of my cock, loving the warm wetness around my hard and horny stiffness. Then I began to thrust. He started choking, and salivating all over, which I took to be a sign that he was enjoying himself. With the warm up done, I told him to get on the bed, facing down. That’s when he saw the ropes and leather cuffs I’d set up earlier.

Mr C1 asked to be tied up, so that’s what I organised for him. Securing him to my bed, laid flat with his ass completely vulnerable, I said “is this what you asked for?” He replied a nervous sounding “yes”. I pulled a bottle of lube and a new butt plug I found last week at a sex shop. He couldn’t see anything, but I made sure to let him here all the commotion that was happening, as I extracted the plug from its casing and pumped the lube out. I smoothed the wet toy on is crack and spread his cheeks. Slowly, I pushed the toy in. He gasped. I turned on the vibration, and he squealed. It’s one of my favourite things to do in bed; fucking guys with toys. I left the plug in him, moved up and turned his face to the side and said “open up, you need to get me hard for your hole.” He did ask to be fucked hard on the phone earlier, so I’m going to do my best.

I moved back down and pulled out the toy, and rubbed my hard cock on his lubed ass. I asked if he was ready and before he could answer, I fucked myself in. Deeper and deeper it went. His body convulsed in pleasure. I fucked him harder, deeper and faster. He encouraged me, getting more and more verbal, “fuck me Mistress, fuck me harder. I love you Mistree, I love your cock fucking me, fuck me hard please. Come inside me, Mistress, I want your cum inside me.” I refused. He had asked me on the phone earlier to cum on his face so that’s exactly what I was going to do. I pulled out, went back up to his face and stroked my purple throbbing dick. I reached climax, and told him that he’s getting what he asked for. I shot all my load on his face, his mouth wide open and his tongue hanging out to savour every last bit of tranny juice. It was a long orgasm, I’m lucky to be able to shoot a lot of cum, so my ecstasies go for a nice long time. I then stuck my cock into his mouth, took a handful of semen from his face, reached down and started stroking his dick. “Come with my cock in your mouth, come boy, cum”. And of course he did, and he made a lot of noise to demonstrate his pleasure, even with me plugged into his mouth to shut him up.