Two Orgasms And A Fuck For Mr N1

Mr N1 is one of my most reliable lovers. I don’t see him as much as I would like, but I always know that he will be back, whether in a couple of weeks, or a month later. He calls me Mistress, which pleases me, and he likes having his genitals restrained, which pleases me further. I once put four cockrings all over his cock and balls, and watched him turn purple. I don’t know why he likes it that way, but it does give me a sadistic rush.

Today, both of us had cockrings on. My cock looked more veiny than usual, and my balls were extra plump. Mr N1 decided to take one of them into his mouth and I started groaning. When he swallowed my cock, all I could think of was how much I love my job. I grabbed his head with both my hands and started thrusting. Sometimes hard and fast just feels better. He wrapped his legs around my right thigh, and I could feel his amazing uncut cock hard against me. It suddenly occured to me that we’d never 69’d before, so I moved my body sideways, pushed my cock back into his mouth, and took his into mine. He was thrilled. It wasn’t very long before he had to pull away to stop himself from cumming, but as he laid back, I could see that three big globs had leaked out.

To distract from the sensitivity of his cock, and for my own greedy libido, I ordered him to flip around as I grabbed a bottle of lube and a box of condoms, for the main event. Some holes are just made for fucking, and when I’m thrusting him doggy style, I’m convinced that Mr N1’s hole is designed for cocks. I was close to cumming from just fucking him from behind, but thought I’d like to see my slave shoot his load first. I got him on his back and started sucking him off, making sure that he wanked me as I worked on him. Before you knew it, several more streams of semen emerged, which gave me great satisfaction. I took hold of my own angry cock, and made him look at me work myself off to a frenzy. There’s something strangely sexy about having a guy watch me stroke my cock. I try not to analyse it too much, because sexual mysteries should sometimes be left alone. I went like a fountain, with thick jets of creamy cum shooting everywhere. I close my eyes and smile, relaxed and proud.