Mr C2’s Unusual Friendship

I’ve known Mr C2 for 11 years, but we had only met once by coincidence on the streets of Newtown. There have been many flirtations via the internet, but we never took things further. Until now. It is not uncommon that married couples have unsatisfactory sex lives. Many men come to me because of needs that cannot be satisfied at home. I remove the frustrations they experience, and send them back, happy and refreshed.

Mr C2 is very tall, very muscular and very hung. He’s also very sweet. We spent a lot of time kissing, and holding each other, reminding ourselves of the euphoria that comes with such simple pleasures. With two cocks in bed, however, it is never too long before our hands grab hold of each other’s hard ons and begin to stroke. I marvelled at the incredible size of his penis, which must be more than 9″ long, and before I could do more with it, he had crept down to take mine in his mouth. He pushed his head up and down my stiff stick, and then sprang back up to lick my nipples. His mouth travelled in a triangle of pleasure, moving from one nipple, to another, and then back to my cock. I could have just laid back and kept squirming in pleasure, but soon I pushed him over and took his monster into my mouth. He joked to say that my blowjob makes his effort look bad. I said nothing and kept sucking, and moved my fingers around his balls. I love a nice scrotum in my hands.

He asked to be fingered, which I rarely do, not because I dislike it, but because my long nails can be a bit of a hazard. Instead, I whipped out a small vibrator, lubed it, and gently stuck it into his ass. When I switched it on, he moaned with pleasure and surprise. He asked if I’d like to fuck him, and I said I’d love to. That got him very excited. He then asked me how I would do it, and I began to describe how I’d like to feel my cock ease into him, before fucking him deep and slow. That was enough to make him cum. And as is often the case, the sight of a man cumming gets me so hot and horny that I grabbed my own hard cock and stroked it so that I came along with him.

I wiped off all the messy jizz off of his torso and sat back to have a chat. It wasn’t very long before we started kissing again, and he told me that he wanted another orgasm, and all I had to do was to finger him and talk about fucking him again. I thought this was so fascinating. Propping myself back up on my knees, I carefully rubbed his anus with my fingers. He grabbed his gigantic cock and wanked, and I started talking dirty. When I got to the part of feeling the whole of my hard cock inside him, he shivered and shot a second load.

Mr C2 left a generous tip for me, and sent a text message saying that he feels like a pressure valve’s been opened. I’m not saying that his wife should thank me, but sometimes I do think that my work does help make the world a better place. In certain ways.