Simultaneous Orgasms With Mr K1

When a guy says he’s a sub, it could mean anything. Everyone seems to interpret these BDSM terms slightly differently, but ultimately what I rely on, is intuition and experience, to sense and to read each client’s needs, especially if they are not very good at articulating what it is that they wish to experience. Mr K1 is a sub in the classic sense. He’s mild mannered and gentle, and lets me take charge completely. Today was our second session, and after our surprisingly enjoyable first encounter a month ago, it was clear that he now trusts me and was happy to give himself over so that I would dictate every moment of our time together.

Mr K1 is approaching 50, but mine is the only cock he’s tasted. I suppose each person has their own sexual journey, but the way he devours my erection is quite a thing to behold. I enjoy sucking dick, but I doubt if I’d ever gone down on a guy for half an hour and still want more. I really did receive the blowjob of my life today, and it is proof that although practice might make perfect for some but for this client, I think it’s fair to say that he’s a natural born cocksucker. When my partner’s got his mouth full, I like providing sexy talk for encouragement, and the things I come up with can be quite funny. The highlight today was, “your Mistress loves fucking a straight man’s mouth”. It’s silly but we both got off on it, so I’ll pat myself on my back.

One of my favourite things is to have a guy lay next to me and work my nipple with his lips, toungue and teeth, while wanking my cock off. Except there’s not much else I can do to reciprocate except to play with his nipples, but not many men enjoy that very much. I was glad to discover that Mr K1 loves it, so I went to town, using my fingers to tickle, fondle, twist and pinch his very firm nips. I was surprised at how much he loved that, so I pushed him over and worked my mouth over his nipples, while grabbing his balls. He’s a fast cummer so I don’t stroke him too much. Things got feverish at that moment, and as I’m known to do on occasion, I moved up and kissed him full on the mouth. I think we were both surprised.

Eventually, Mr K1 got me to cum while he sucked my other nipple and jacked me off. He quickly wrapped his mouth and started to suck hard while moving his lips up and down my shaft. I have good orgasms, but what he did for me was quite exceptional. I told him to cum for me while I’m still shooting into his mouth, so he grabbed hold of his manhood and worked himself up, and shot hard, all over my sheets, which was a lot of fun at the time… but I need to go do some laundry now!