Sissy Gets Shafted

The cab ride felt a little bumpier than normal. I’m not sure if that was because of the road work, the cab’s suspension the fact that I had a butt plug firmly inserted in my ass or a combination of all three.

Either way I didn’t want to disappoint Mistress so the plug was snuggly in place ensuring I felt every bump on the journey to her place.

The ride up in the lift and the walk down the corridor to her door always fills me with excitement. I know what to expect but she always has a way of surprising me.

I knocked, the door opened and I entered her world of erotic domination and pleasure. The door closed and there she stood in suspenders stockings, heels and bra. A collar and chain in her hand.

“Get undressed bitch, get on your knees bend over”.

I quickly undressed carefully folding my clothes and putting them in a pile. I knelt as instructed and bent over waiting for her next command.

Her hands slid over my ass tugging on the plug, which was by now firmly in place, slowly easing it out of my rectum and then pushing it back.

“Good boy” she purred and patted my ass in approval.

I felt the collar go around my neck and the tug of the chain to follow her. She led me on all fours into the bathroom and made me kneel in the shower.

“Suck it slut”, she commanded as she thrust her cock in my face. I opened my mouth and went to work on her wonderful cock and took as much as I could before I started to gag.


She pulled back a little and then pushed her sweet musky thick cock back into my mouth and slowly started face fucking me forcing her cock further into my mouth and down my throat with each thrust.

I gagged a little but soon I was taking the whole thing and had saliva running out of mouth and dribbling down my chin. She pulled out and made sure my mouth was wide open and then spat all over my face and into my mouth.

“Swallow it cunt” I eagerly swallowed her spit opened my mouth looked up and hoped for more. I wasn’t disappointed.

“I think we should celebrate with some champagne, don’t you”.

“Yes Mistress”, I responded.

“Open wide then you little bitch because I have some home made vintage that you’ll love”.
I knelt open mouthed, naked, in her shower with a collar around my neck waiting for her to piss all over me.

Mistress smiled with a semi erect cock in hand and started a steady stream of piss straight into my mouth.

“Swallow it bitch, or you want get any more”.

I swallowed what I could. Mistress would fill my mouth, I would gulp down what I could and then for her pleasure she would spray a steady stream of her golden nectar over my face.

She then produced a champagne flute and filled it with her natural vintage, handed it to me and told me to drink it all.

I took it and slowly drank down her warm salty piss while she emptied the remainder of her bladder over my face.

“Shower yourself and then meet me in the bedroom you worthless little sissy”.

“Yes Mistress”.


I quickly followed orders and crawled into the bedroom ready for the main event. She walked over told me to kneel turned and lifted a leg onto the bed pulling her cheeks apart.

“Stick your tounge in my ass you piece of shit and tounge fuck me till I tell you to stop”.

I took both hands spread her cheeks a little wider and stuck my tounge as far into her sweet ass hole as I could. The musty sweet smell was divine and Mistress moaned in delight as I my tounge darted in and out of her sweet hole.

Her cock was soon hard and erect and her balls swung like succulent plums full of her sweet cream.

“On your back bitch on the bed bitch”, she commanded.

I scrambled on the bed lay down and pulled my legs up ready for her hard cock. She slipped on a condom, started stroking her cock and slowly but firmly pulled the plug from my ass.

I groaned as it popped out. She lubed up my asshole and gently started finger fucking me with one then two fingers making sure I was ready for the main event.

“Pull your knees back further sissy”.

I did as commanded exposing myself even more and she shuffled forward slowly inserting the tip of her hard cock into my hole. The head slowly popped in and I gasped, she waited until I was ready and then slowly pushed the remainder of her rod into my rectum.
It felt unbelievable. A heady mix of pain and pleasure.

Mistress then started slowly thrusting her hips in and out her cock sliding in my ass, I groaned in delight.

Before long I was being fucked without mercy, Mistress grabbed my ankles forcing my legs back further and thrusting hard so her balls slapped hard against my ass.

“You’re a worthless little cunt aren’t you”.

“Yes Mistress”, I said breathlessly.


“Roll over, time to do you doggy bitch”.

I obeyed and positioned myself on all fours, arse high in the air, face down in the pillow and my wrists beside my ankles.

She quickly bound each wrist to an ankle, spread my ass cheeks spat in my hole and started fingering me again. Satisfied I was lubed and unable to move she mounted me from behind and started slowly fucking me like the worthless slut I was.

I lose track of time when I’m getting fucked like this, it is the most incredible feeling to be bound and held captive with a cock deep in your ass.

She suddenly stopped and said “lets see what you can take bitch”.

I couldn’t see but I knew what was in store. Mistress had an assortment of toys that she loved testing me with. I felt the tip of the eight inch dildo pushed up against my hole. I groaned a little as the head was slowly wiggled in.

She waited until I was ready and then pushed the length of it into my ass before she started fucking me with it. She loved pulling it out suddenly and exclaiming at how well my hole gaped before inserting it again.

For the next 30 minutes Mistress had her way with me. Either on back on my side or doggy. Regardless of the position I would have a cock real or plastic in my ass.

As her climax came closer she sat on my chest slowly stroking her cock, pre cum dribbling out, and told me to open wide.

Before long a stream of white hot sticky cum erupted from her cock in my mouth and all over face, I was in heaven.

She groaned in delight and I grabbed her cock and took it in my mouth to clean up the remainder of her cum. She shuddered a little but smiled as I sucked the remaining cream from her cock and balls.
“Your turn bitch, get your legs over you shoulders.”

I knew what to do, she wanted me to cum in my own mouth. I swung my legs over my shoulders and she slowly stroked my cock aiming the head at mu open mouth. It didn’t take long, I soon had a second load of cum, my own, all over face.

She laughed at the site of me, got of the bed and tugged the chain for me to follow her into the bathroom.

“In the shower and kneel again sissy, lets get you cleaned up”.

“Yes Mistress”, I responded.

I kneeled open mouthed as Mistress started spraying her golden pee over me washing the cum of my face. The taste of cum and piss in my mouth was exquisite.

She flicked the remaining pee over me as she would at a urinal and allowed me to take her cock in my mouth for a final taste.

I showered, cleaned myself up and started dressing ready to leave when Mistress pointed out that I had forgotten my plug.

“You leave as you arrive, you know the rules slut”.

She pulled my underpants down around my knees, bent me over and pushed the lubed plug back into my ass. I flinched a little but once in place the plug felt great.

She smacked my ass pulled up my underpants and let me finish getting dressed.

“Till next time my little sissy boy”, she said as I left knowing that next time would not be far away.


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