A First Visit Review by Mr A1

Sometimes after you’ve ticked off most the boxes on your sex experience bucket list you come upon an advert and think, I haven’t tried that! hence I note Mistress’ advert on Backpage.

Email was the first contact means, I think it must be a vetting mechanism, however a few pleasant and informative emails with an obviously intelligent individual take place, a time secured and a phone numbers exchanged.

The time arises and a short trip by car or train to her Inner west abode takes place, easy non metered parking found and the intercom buzzed. Prompt response and I’m in, navigating the elevator and the endless hallways achieved and I knock, hesitantly, on the door. The click of heels on a hard floor echos under the door just prior to it opening, the all to familiar ( and unnerving ) hide behind the door until it’s closing transpires, and there stands Mistress. She is a rather attractive, tall and well toned asian transexual who in her heels has an intimidating height advantage on me, she greets me with a smile, a light kiss and some settling conversation before she quietly asks for her fee, no probs as it’s her business after all.

I’m lead to her room, past a sea of clothing (I think she has a clothing fetish lol), she lays on the bed and beckons me to join her, she takes the initial light kiss a bit further and then proceeds to have a chat!!! Mistress is trying to settle my nerves, create a connection and get a feeling for what I’m looking for, too that I just tell her to be the dom and take the booking where she wanted to go.
A smile comes over her face and to the shower I’m sent. I return to find her in sexy lingerie and a big smile, she draws me to her and commences a long and passionate DFK session which definitely fires me up. Just as I’m enjoying this she pushes my head down to give her natural nipples some attention, she talks dirty to me as I make her moan and she relates what she going to do with me. Nipples satiated she thrusts me south and forces her now erect cock into my mouth, expecting a gag attack she is pleasantly surprised to find I don’t have a gag reflex, so you can imagine she takes advantage of this skill big time, preceding to give me a thorough face fucking.

Content with her customer to date she withdraws, suits herself up with a new condom, positions me face down and proceeds to gently fuck me, she complains I’m like a virgin and that I need to come more often to resolve this, her tempo quickens and she verbally heightens the experience, (she is over 6 inches and fairly thick). She pulls out, removed the condom, roles me over and jacks off onto my chest. Satisfied she collapses next to me, whilst she recovers, she then instructs me to pull myself off while she watches and continues to DFK me, I explode and she seems content,
A little chat and off to the shower I went.

Another box ticked in the journey of sex, I was expecting a more classical Mistress experience, but she is more of a TS who only tops experience. That said she was a fun lady with a cheeky sense of humor and I had no regrets, she was more genuine then many of the WLs out there and I’ll be back to explore more of her talents.


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