Two Orgasms And A Fuck For Mr N1

Mr N1 is one of my most reliable lovers. I don’t see him as much as I would like, but I always know that he will be back, whether in a couple of weeks, or a month later. He calls me Mistress, which pleases me, and he likes having his genitals restrained, which pleases me further. I once put four cockrings all over his cock and balls, and watched him turn purple. I don’t know why he likes it that way, but it does give me a sadistic rush.

Today, both of us had cockrings on. My cock looked more veiny than usual, and my balls were extra plump. Mr N1 decided to take one of them into his mouth and I started groaning. When he swallowed my cock, all I could think of was how much I love my job. I grabbed his head with both my hands and started thrusting. Sometimes hard and fast just feels better. He wrapped his legs around my right thigh, and I could feel his amazing uncut cock hard against me. It suddenly occured to me that we’d never 69’d before, so I moved my body sideways, pushed my cock back into his mouth, and took his into mine. He was thrilled. It wasn’t very long before he had to pull away to stop himself from cumming, but as he laid back, I could see that three big globs had leaked out.

To distract from the sensitivity of his cock, and for my own greedy libido, I ordered him to flip around as I grabbed a bottle of lube and a box of condoms, for the main event. Some holes are just made for fucking, and when I’m thrusting him doggy style, I’m convinced that Mr N1’s hole is designed for cocks. I was close to cumming from just fucking him from behind, but thought I’d like to see my slave shoot his load first. I got him on his back and started sucking him off, making sure that he wanked me as I worked on him. Before you knew it, several more streams of semen emerged, which gave me great satisfaction. I took hold of my own angry cock, and made him look at me work myself off to a frenzy. There’s something strangely sexy about having a guy watch me stroke my cock. I try not to analyse it too much, because sexual mysteries should sometimes be left alone. I went like a fountain, with thick jets of creamy cum shooting everywhere. I close my eyes and smile, relaxed and proud.


Mr C2’s Unusual Friendship

I’ve known Mr C2 for 11 years, but we had only met once by coincidence on the streets of Newtown. There have been many flirtations via the internet, but we never took things further. Until now. It is not uncommon that married couples have unsatisfactory sex lives. Many men come to me because of needs that cannot be satisfied at home. I remove the frustrations they experience, and send them back, happy and refreshed.

Mr C2 is very tall, very muscular and very hung. He’s also very sweet. We spent a lot of time kissing, and holding each other, reminding ourselves of the euphoria that comes with such simple pleasures. With two cocks in bed, however, it is never too long before our hands grab hold of each other’s hard ons and begin to stroke. I marvelled at the incredible size of his penis, which must be more than 9″ long, and before I could do more with it, he had crept down to take mine in his mouth. He pushed his head up and down my stiff stick, and then sprang back up to lick my nipples. His mouth travelled in a triangle of pleasure, moving from one nipple, to another, and then back to my cock. I could have just laid back and kept squirming in pleasure, but soon I pushed him over and took his monster into my mouth. He joked to say that my blowjob makes his effort look bad. I said nothing and kept sucking, and moved my fingers around his balls. I love a nice scrotum in my hands.

He asked to be fingered, which I rarely do, not because I dislike it, but because my long nails can be a bit of a hazard. Instead, I whipped out a small vibrator, lubed it, and gently stuck it into his ass. When I switched it on, he moaned with pleasure and surprise. He asked if I’d like to fuck him, and I said I’d love to. That got him very excited. He then asked me how I would do it, and I began to describe how I’d like to feel my cock ease into him, before fucking him deep and slow. That was enough to make him cum. And as is often the case, the sight of a man cumming gets me so hot and horny that I grabbed my own hard cock and stroked it so that I came along with him.

I wiped off all the messy jizz off of his torso and sat back to have a chat. It wasn’t very long before we started kissing again, and he told me that he wanted another orgasm, and all I had to do was to finger him and talk about fucking him again. I thought this was so fascinating. Propping myself back up on my knees, I carefully rubbed his anus with my fingers. He grabbed his gigantic cock and wanked, and I started talking dirty. When I got to the part of feeling the whole of my hard cock inside him, he shivered and shot a second load.

Mr C2 left a generous tip for me, and sent a text message saying that he feels like a pressure valve’s been opened. I’m not saying that his wife should thank me, but sometimes I do think that my work does help make the world a better place. In certain ways.


Simultaneous Orgasms With Mr K1

When a guy says he’s a sub, it could mean anything. Everyone seems to interpret these BDSM terms slightly differently, but ultimately what I rely on, is intuition and experience, to sense and to read each client’s needs, especially if they are not very good at articulating what it is that they wish to experience. Mr K1 is a sub in the classic sense. He’s mild mannered and gentle, and lets me take charge completely. Today was our second session, and after our surprisingly enjoyable first encounter a month ago, it was clear that he now trusts me and was happy to give himself over so that I would dictate every moment of our time together.

Mr K1 is approaching 50, but mine is the only cock he’s tasted. I suppose each person has their own sexual journey, but the way he devours my erection is quite a thing to behold. I enjoy sucking dick, but I doubt if I’d ever gone down on a guy for half an hour and still want more. I really did receive the blowjob of my life today, and it is proof that although practice might make perfect for some but for this client, I think it’s fair to say that he’s a natural born cocksucker. When my partner’s got his mouth full, I like providing sexy talk for encouragement, and the things I come up with can be quite funny. The highlight today was, “your Mistress loves fucking a straight man’s mouth”. It’s silly but we both got off on it, so I’ll pat myself on my back.

One of my favourite things is to have a guy lay next to me and work my nipple with his lips, toungue and teeth, while wanking my cock off. Except there’s not much else I can do to reciprocate except to play with his nipples, but not many men enjoy that very much. I was glad to discover that Mr K1 loves it, so I went to town, using my fingers to tickle, fondle, twist and pinch his very firm nips. I was surprised at how much he loved that, so I pushed him over and worked my mouth over his nipples, while grabbing his balls. He’s a fast cummer so I don’t stroke him too much. Things got feverish at that moment, and as I’m known to do on occasion, I moved up and kissed him full on the mouth. I think we were both surprised.

Eventually, Mr K1 got me to cum while he sucked my other nipple and jacked me off. He quickly wrapped his mouth and started to suck hard while moving his lips up and down my shaft. I have good orgasms, but what he did for me was quite exceptional. I told him to cum for me while I’m still shooting into his mouth, so he grabbed hold of his manhood and worked himself up, and shot hard, all over my sheets, which was a lot of fun at the time… but I need to go do some laundry now!


Magic Hands For Mr P2

I love meeting new clients. The excitement of seeing a man naked for the first time, just turns me on so much. He’s usually really shy or really eager, either way, the thrill never fails to get me going. Today, Mr P2 visited for the first time. An older man who wanted an old fashioned massage. I got him to strip off, and made him lay on my bed, face down. I loved the fragrance he had on. It’s not often that a client requests this kind of relaxation, so it was a refreshing change for me and I was keen to do a good job with my hands.

With a generous dose of massage oil, I worked my way down his back, and paid attention to his bottom. When my nails brushed against his scrotum, he let out a gentle moan, which encouraged me to fondle his balls with more intensity. I wanted him to flip over and get to the main event quick as I was getting really horny, but instead I moved my hands down his legs to give them a good kneading. My cock was hard at that point, so I took it out of my lingerie and rubbed it against his ass. By then, I really wanted him to admire my hard-on so I asked him to flip over.

He was happy to oblige and visibly pleased to see my schlong. I rubbed more oil on his chest, and worked my way down, gently brushing against his genitals with my elbow. By the time I got to his thighs, his hand was grabbing my cock. I let out a moan and started thrusting his fist. He stiffened instantly, and I grabbed him with both my hands. The man is definitely a grower. His cock is uncut, but when hard, the foreskin retracts fully, just like my own. We wanked each other enthusiastically and I went down on his beautiful cock. I could hear that he was very pleased. I got up to catch his expression, and he took the opportunity to take me in his mouth. Now, not all straight guys know how to suck dick but Mr P2 is amazing at it. He was really going for it, as though starved of cock for years. I grabbed his cock to show him my enjoyment, and he suddenly stopped and told me that he was cumming. I stroked him, and watched him shoot his load. It was impressive, big globs of white jizz kept shooting out, and I started to wank myself with the other hand in excitement.

There was a bit of time remaining, so I returned to massage his face and his shoulders, but it wasn’t long before I could tell that he was ready to get up and go. I think people can sometimes get embarrassed after orgasming. He laughed and said that he came too quick because it was his first visit, which I took to mean that there will be a second time.


Shag And Chat With Mr R2

Mr R2 said it’s been 10 years since his last encounter with a trans girl. I’m always happy to hear that a guy’s been abstaining for a while, because the cock worship that he can get into is guaranteed to please. I had texted earlier to ask if there was a style of attire that he’d like to see me in, and he replied “S&M”, which is a fairly broad idea but I thought my 8″ thigh high patent leather boots and a sheer black bodysuit would do the trick, which of course, they did. Mr R2 asked if I’m a model, which is always nice to hear, and because flattery will get you anywhere, I put his hand on my thigh, which he started stroking very dutifully. Almost instantly my bulge became more than pronounced, but I continued chatting. It is important that I get to know my clients before getting too hot and heavy. It helps me gauge the kind of sex that would work well. This is definitely not a one size fits all profession. Anyway, it wasn’t too long before I could see that his tongue was near falling out of his face, and I whipped out my hard member, which he rightfully took to mean that it was time to get to work.

I have no idea why, but some guys just know how to suck dick, and I was very glad that Mr R2 has the gift. He worked his mouth in different ways to excite me; I especially like it when a guy attaches fingers in front of his lips and wanks my shaft while moving up and down with his mouth. I made sure to issue appropriate encouragement whether in moans or in words, like “how did you get your Mistress so hard, boy?” The point is to prolong the pleasure. Nobody appreciates a head job that ends prematurely, but I decided to give him a break by telling him to show me his cock. In lightning speed, his clothes were off, and he revealed a modest penis, which I was happy to see. Size really doesn’t matter to me. All I need is for it to be hard, so that I know I’m doing a good job. When he jumped back into bed to resume the fellatio, I grabbed his genitals and almost instantly, it ballooned in my hand. It’s not a long one, but massively thick, with similarly generous balls. I love it.

Mr R2 extended his oral talents to my anus, which is usually a low priority for me, but the man knew what he was doing and I squirmed like a bitch on heat. I reached over and started massaging his hole, and decided to pull out a small vibrator to see how he copes with being penetrated. He said he’d never had anything inside before, which surprised me. The man is 50 and has never had a finger in there. Don’t know about you but that’s weird to me. Anyway, he was lucky that the battery in the contraption had run out, and I abandoned the idea altogether. Maybe next time. I climbed over him and started to fuck his face, which he loved, and which I of course couldn’t get enough of. I do love being on top, fucking a guy in his mouth and jacking him off. It is so sexy to me. Eventually, he asked to eat my cum, which is always something I like to hear. I grabbed hold of my cock and started stroking it furiously and told him to do the same. The sight of two cocks being pulled hard always get me over the line. He came first, with a lot of groaning, and that just set me off. I unloaded in his mouth, and everyone was happy.

There was a little time leftover, so we settled to have a chat, about work, about family, all the stuff’s that almost as important as fucking. I like bonding with my clients if they’re open to it. Some like to run away after they cum, which is convenient for me (time is money!), but others like to hang around to get close in a different way. Good thing I enjoy intimacy.